VIRTUOSO RECORDS — your dream is creating here!


             Are you solo artist or musician? Amateur or professional? You want to creating music?

Virtuoso Records, will help come true your ideas and plans.

The studio focused on different genres like pop and academic. Thanks to European standards and modern recording equipment, we will facilitate professional development visitors of studios. Your talent, plus our Virtuosnist – is the best tandem to make high-quality and professional musical product.

Virtuoso Records – creating your dream!


The activity of the recording studio can be divided into three segments:

Music services: include recording songs, vocals or musical instruments, arranging music, compiling music and mastering albums. This is the main focus of the studio. Thanks to many years of experience, we guarantee the creation of extremely high-quality sound. Separately we allocate the service “Song on a turn-key basis”. Our team will help in creating the song, starting with the stage of the birth of the idea and ending with the release of the studio single. The VIRTUOSO RECORDS recording studio will help any of you feel like a true star.

Services for business. In general, this segment is in demand for recording audio ads. Advertising on radio and television remains the main channel for disseminating information. That’s why it’s so important to create a high-quality advert. This is especially true for radio advertising. After all, you need to create an auditory contact with the listener, transferring the necessary information only due to the voice and musical sublayer. This task will be easily performed by the VIRTUOSO RECORDS recording studio. In this area we also offer sounding of audio books, writing texts for advertising and dubbing video materials.

Another area of our activity is the restoration and restoration of audio material. On the site of the recording studio, you can familiarize yourself with our portfolio. We cooperate with different genres of music and singers: Pikkardiyska Tertsiya, Pavlo Tabakov,  Roman Scorpion, Egor Grushin, Lesia Nikitiuk, Taras Guffrick, VIP Ternopil, Bria Blessing Marianna Ilkiv and others.  They leave only positive feedback about cooperating with us. Also on the site you will find photos that will help to make sure of studio atmpsphere. You can get more detailed information, by calling the contact number of the phone.

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